Founder’s Award

December 31 each year
This research award, in honor of our Founder J. S. Farris, will fund parsimony-based research on systematics by graduate students. Applicants must be already enrolled at a university, and well into their thesis research. The research must be either:
  1. theoretical/methodological on the basics and fundamentals of parsimony analysis, or
  2. high-quality empirical research using parsimony in novel and creative ways.
Up to three awards (together totaling no more than US $10,000) will be given every funding period (lower budget projects may increase chances of being funded). Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the annual meeting within two years of funding, whereupon registration fees will be waived and the recipient will be eligible for a Marie Stopes travel award. Submission of the resulting work to Cladistics is expected. Society membership is not required.
The funds may be used for thesis-related fieldwork or museum visits, for equipment, or for other expenses not easily funded by grants for graduate students. Money is not to be spent on bench fees, meetings, nor tuition fees (nor on stipend except in unusual circumstances).
Submit the application (including two letters of recommendation) to Pablo A. Goloboff (pablogolo (at) csnat dot unt dot edu dot ar).

Student Prizes

The Willi Hennig Society awards up to three student prizes for presentations at each annual meeting and up to 15 student travel awards. None of these awards must be awarded at any meeting. Awards will only be conferred if a majority of judges agree that a presentation is worthy of such recognition. All awards are made in cash at the meeting.

The Willi Hennig Award US $1000

normally awarded for the best oral presentation by a student at the annual meeting

The Lars Brundin Award US $500

normally awarded for the next best oral presentation by a student at the annual meeting

The Don Rosen Award US $500

normally awarded for the best poster presentation by a student at the annual meeting, unless judges agree that no poster is as worthy of recognition as any of the oral presentations, in which case the Rosen Award may be awarded for a third-best oral presentation by a student

Student Travel Awards

Marie Stopes Award

  • Students who travel from within the same continent where the meeting takes place and will receive US$600 each.

Kurt Milton Pickett Intercontinental Awards

  • Students who travel from outside the continent where the meeting takes place and will receive US$1,200 each.

Applicants will either present an oral paper or poster at the annual meeting and are currently graduate students or have recently finished their Ph.D. (less than one year ago at the time of the meeting). Applications should be submitted electronically to the chair of the Student Travel Award Committee, currently Torsten Dikow (, in a single PDF document. The deadline will be the same as the deadline for registration (approximately two months before the meeting) and can be found on the Meetings web-page. Complete applications consist of a CV, a travel budget to justify the proposed expenses, and a one-page abstract (not to exceed 500 words) of an oral paper or poster to be presented at the meeting. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered. Only graduate students and recent Ph.D. graduates are eligible, and the advisor must certify status in a separate email to the chair of the Student Travel Award Committee. Awards will be announced approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

All registered students (whether Stopes or Pickett awardees or not) receive a free ticket to the Society’s banquet!